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5 min readMar 15, 2023


Non-fungible token (NFT) is definitely among the hottest topics in the Cardano Space these days. Another hottest topic is Access Passes.

What is an access pass? An access pass is something that gives you access to something, which could be a private mint or a service, or just exclusive rights to something. If you are active on CNFT’s Twitter space, you have probably already heard of Brave Dogs xPerience Pass. But what is that xPerience pass actually, what does it bring to the table, and why should you even care? Well, let’s find out.

In our previous media article, we discussed our origin, what we have achieved so far, and a little bit about our plan regarding the profit-sharing process of BraveLabs among our NFT holders. If you miss that article, you can check it here —Brave Dogs are sharing their net revenue with their NFT holders — How will it work?

The brave Dogs xPerience pass is the ultimate access pass for collectors and enthusiasts of the BraveLabs ecosystem. With this access pass, you will have access to exclusive, premium benefits you never imagined possible.

Rarity and Perks

The xPerience pass comes with three different rarities as follows:-

  • Venetian Red
  • Sea Green
  • Ocean Blue

Venetian Red has a supply of 181, while Ocean Blue is the rarest of all, with a supply of only 31 (10% of the collection). Here is the full breakdown of each rarity and the perks they provide.

Xperience Pass Rarities

We understand that it might be overwhelming for someone to process all the perks at once but don’t worry; we got you covered. Let’s break down each and every perk, one by one.

Max Whitelist Mint for Genesis Collection:-

This is the number of NFTs you will be able to mint on our upcoming genesis collection by having this pass on your wallet. A Venetian Red xPerience pass will allow you five mint at max, while an Ocean Blue one will allow nine.

Max whitelist quantity is stackable. If you have an Ocean Blue and a Sea Green xPerience pass in your wallet, you will be able to mint 9+7=16 NFTs in total.

BraveMint Credit:-

BraveMint credit is a mint credit that you can use to obtain free mint service from our minting platform, BraveMint. If you own an Ocean Blue xPerience pass with 700 mint credits, you will be able to mint up to 700 NFTs for free using BraveMint.

BraveMint Credits are stackable up to 1000 credits per project (regardless of the policy IDs).

For example, Let’s say you are the founder of a project name “Marmster”. You have 200 access passes and 1300 NFTs on the main collection, a total of 1500 NFTs that needed to be minted (regardless of the policy IDs). You can stack our xPerience passes to mint the last 1000 for free and only pay us for the first 500 mints.

Terms and Conditions:-

  • You must have the xPerience pass in your wallet for at least 30 days prior to your first mint date to use the mint credit. We will perform a wallet verification before the mint date. But if it's less than 30 due to it being freshly minted, an exception will be made.
  • You can stack xPerience pass to avail up to 1000 mint credit per project (regardless of policy IDs).
  • An xPerience pass can only be used once per quarter of a year. A quarter refers to one-fourth of a year and is typically expressed as Q1 for the first quarter (1 January — 31 March), Q2 for the second quarter, and so forth.
  • Each xPerience pass will have metadata attached to them that will indicate if that pass can be used in the current fiscal quarter to avail of free mint or if someone already used it in that fiscal quarter. Before a mint commences, the MetaData will be updated if any project wishes to use it.

DAO Voting Weight:-

Each xPerience pass holder will have voting rights in our DAO. However, each vote will not carry the same weight. A vote from an Ocean Blue pass will carry twice the weight of a Venetian Red pass.

Voting weights are stackable. The more pass you own, the more voting power you will have.


Our team of education experts is dedicated to utilizing our vast experience to offer a distinctive chance for community development through a comprehensive programming curriculum designed for beginners and intermediate learners.

Our instructors are accomplished professionals, including engineers from leading companies such as Amazon, Facebook, Zalando, and Agoda, who will act as visiting mentors and educators.

Our platform serves not only novices but also experts who are keen to enhance their careers through networking and other prospects. We are confident that our program will equip individuals with invaluable skills and knowledge, enabling them to excel in the industry.

Details about how this program will initiate will be announced soon.

Number of BraveLabs Share:-

This is the number of shares you will receive from our company BraveLabs. Brave Dogs xPerience pass has the highest number of share allocations, with 150 shares on the Ocean Blue passes and a minimum of 100 shares on the Venetian Red xPerience pass. Learn more about our net revenue sharing model from here: Brave Dogs are sharing their net revenue with their NFT holders — How will it work?

The number of shares is stackable, and there is no max stack limit.

Whitelist Distribution Weight from BraveMint Parter Mint:-

When we onboard a new project as our mint partner, we often receive a large quantity of whitelist for our community members. Our xPerience pass holder will have priority while we distribute those whitelists. Let’s say we have decided to give away 50 whitelists among our xPerience pass holders. In that case, those who have the highest weight will eventually receive the whitelist.

Whitelist distribution weights are stackable, and there is no max limit.

Our goal is to build a brand on Cardano that is fueled by utilities, creativities, and intellectuals. We believe, together, we can make the CNFT space much bigger and better. Let’s go to space and beyond!

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